They Got Married..??!!!

Assalamualaikum .. Annyeong :)

We Got Married - Global Edition (우리 결혼했어요)

In this global spin-off of the wildly popular 'We Got Married', it becomes a meeting
of cultures as celebrities from different countries
are coupled together and work through their reality-TV marriage.
With English as their common language, 2PM's Taecyeon (Dream High) is paired with
Taiwan's Wu Ying Jie (also known as Gui Gui, and seen on Summer Fever),
while F.T. Island's Lee Hong Ki (You're Beautiful) is paired up
with beautiful Japanese actress Fujii Mina (The King of Dramas).
Every week is a new challenge as they work
together to complete their missions, and learn a little bit more
about each other's cultures along the way! 

credits to: DramaFever

Aq tak laa berapa sangat paham sebenarnyaa motif
diorang buat program fake marriage ne.
Tapi apa yg aq paham jalan ceta dorang best sangat..
and bagus jugak untuk bakal2 pengantin
out there .. yaiyy! Aq pulak rasa xsabar nak kawen..
ahaksss XD .


And yupp . ..
program ne sekarang tgah ditayangka di OneHd TV (Channle 393),
every friday at 20.40pm untuk time kat Malaysia laa..
Every episode aq tonton .. 
sebab aq dah awal2 Record that series, hahahahaha ..
untung laa juga kalo ada bli PVR Astro kan ..
hahahahaha :))
Aq tak dapat nak miss laa program ne, sebab
too cute for me. lagi2 artis yg menjadi pilihan pon
adalah satu2 nya artis feveret aq jugak.
Yahh! ceongmal gwiyowo!! ^^

Paling tak leh tahan ketawa tengok part Taecyon & Emma or he called
her Gui Gui.. hahahahaha
Couple yg sangat lawak pulak sebab
diorang salu misscommunication, yang satunya dari Korea ..
satu lagi dari China. So they had to speak in english laa all the time.
Hahahahaha .. comel!

Kalo pasangan Hong Gi & Mina pulak, diorang ne
more to romantic couple. Hong Gi salu bagi special
surprise yang sangat romantic to Mina, specially time propose her.
They had time to cook together and beli barang d supermarket.
hehehehe .. i'm melting T_T

Both of couple really trying the best to have their perfect relationship ..
yang satu comel .. satu lagi romantik.
i do love both of them..

We Got Married Global Edition
Taecyon & Emma

We Got Married Global Edition
 Hong Ki & Mina

Oke! ~~
Hahahaha .. that's all i can share from episode by episode
that i recently watch.
I hope to all Korean lovers .. u can check out this if you didnt watch
it yet .. yahh!! i'm so excited.
and cant wait for the nex episode..
So, gtg .. Kamsahamnidaa :))

Saranghaeyo! ^^


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