Freedom :) Alhamdulillah ..

Annyeonghaseyo .. :)

Alhamdulillah .. dah masuk ramadhan untuk hari yang ke-4..
Syukur juga sebab dapat jalaninya dengan penuh kesabaran.
Walaupun aq maseh dilanda dengan pelbagai ujian dari Allah ..
aq hadapinya denga tabah..
sebab apa yang aq tawu, Allah memang ada
sesuatu yang terbaik buat aq. In shaa Allah :)

As u can see .. i've found this meaningful quotes that actually
describe about ma situation. actually bukan aq yg melakukannya..
but someone else who ever close to me once ago.

I dunno, sometimes typing in English makes me
feel more comfortable to saying what i want.
Its normal .. right??

Alhamdulillah ..
Segala2 yang terjadi sebelum2 ne..
its like make me feel more mature.
It's not i've never been mature before this, its just
like problem makes us more mature to choose
who the best stand for us than someone who don't want to fall for us.
Crying is other way to spread all the things that stuck
in your brain. Sometimes also, we had a word that we don't
want to share with other besides Allah s.w.t .

Once ago, i always think the saddest people try their hardest to make people
happy, because they know what it's like to feel
absolutely worthless.. and they don't want anybody
else to feel like that.


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