Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tips for you Aidah!! ;)

Annyeonghaseyo Yeorobeun!! ;)

I've read your story Aidah.
I know how it feels wearing a heels in any function.
Especially when we have to served a guest.
I had through this situation 2 years ago.
We go to work part-time as a Banquet crew..
Remember ..???

After the function ends and all guest is going back ..
Absolutely i just take off my heels as some people do,
and i bet u also do this, right? Hahahaha XD
and keep it at the corner.
Then after that, i continue my worked.
Clear everything.
Hahahahaha X)

Wearing heels is a must for a office girl like you.
Just wearing a 2 inch is enough to go work. But you have to
bring the spare flat shoes for your own comfortable way.
If it's time to work in a banquet environment,
you have at least wear the flat shoes. Change it ..

I know you can .. it's for your own good.
Another suggestion for you is, you can leave the heels in your
office which is you just wear the flat shoes back to your home.
Then, the next day you come to the office u just change it .. wear the
proper way as u have to wear.
Simple touch, is it??

Then when it's time to lunch or something, if you tired wearing
the super tired heels again, you can take off the perfectionist (kononnyeerr ..)
and wear the comfortable shoes.
We always do baa kan time part time once ago ..
I know, you remember ..
hehehehehe :)

That's a long time ago when i love to wear high heels.
But not for nowadays .. Because i lagi prefer wearing the wedges one.
Quite comfortable, nice and most important stability.

Okey, that's all i can share some tips for you Unnie.
I hope you have a pleasure day for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ..
hahahahahaha XD

Annyeonghigaseyoo ~ ~ ~
Saranghaeyoo ~ ~ ~

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