G-Dragon wins 2013 Style Icon of the Year [Style Icon Awards SIA]

Assalamualaikum .. Annyeonghaseyoo yeorobeun!!

Chukkahaeyoo Oppa!!!!!
I knew you will win this!!

Style Icon Awards yang telah berlangsung beberapa jam yang lepas
telah pun tamat apabila
GDragon telah dinobatkan sebagai
Style Icon of The Year 2013 untuk SIA2013 ini.
Congratulation Oppa!!
You deserved that awards!

Punya gilaa hepy bila dapat tahu GD menang ..
macam mok lompat2 keriangan jak.
hahahahaha lol .. yeaayyy!!!

GD moments time dekat event tuuu ..

Thank you. There a lot of people who know style in Korea,
so I don’t know if I should be accepting this award," said G-Dragon.
"I came out with an album, Coup d’Etat for the first time in four years,
and as a style icon,
I hope to continue to introduce new music and styles.”

After giving his acceptance speech on stage,
G-Dragon met with reporters for a brief Q&A session, where he stated,
I personally like the words Style Icon, so accepting the award
is even more meaningful. It was all so sudden, so I couldn’t say this earlier,
but I’m also thankful to my fans and YG Family

When asked what influences his performances,
the ever original idol star said,
I’m not influenced when it comes to the stage, although I have influences
when it comes to music. I just think have in mind that this is
the kind of performance I’d like to do.”

He also stated, “Awards are awards and music shows are music shows,
and watching the same show gets boring,
so it’s more fun when the audience can see
different stages and I enjoy putting on different performances as well.”

When asked what the future has in store for the busy star,
G-Dragon said that Big Bang plans to take on a six-city Dome tour,
but what piqued reporters’ interest was when he hinted at
a new Big Bang duo currently revving up to debut next year. 

However, when asked about the members’ thoughts on
his Style Icon status, G-Dragon joked, “I can’t reach the
other members, because they’re all so busy.

He remained humble about receiving the award, saying
I always want to receive an award when I’m invited to these things,
but seeing the other nominees, I think I got lucky.
I think because I promoted a lot this year,
a lot of people looked on positively.”

G-Dragon conquered the K-Pop world once again this
year with his second solo album Coup d’Etat

At the sixth annual Style Icon Awards,
stylish and influential icons competed to earn the title of Style Icon of 2013. 

The ten icons, Kong Hyo Jin, Dynamic Duo, Shin Dong Yeop,
SISTAR, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Seo Jin, Lee Jong Suk,
Jung Woo Sung, G-Dragon and Tilda Swinton, were chosen thanks to a combination of expert research, online voting and the SIA executive committee,
comprised of creative directors, stylists and photographers. 

Look below for the full list of winners!

New Icon : Crayon Pop
Best K-Style: SNSD’s Sooyoung and Choi Jin Hyuk
Global Icon: A$AP Rocky
Chevrolet Find New Star: Clara
Content of the Year: Na Young Suk PD
Style Specialist: Juun.J 
Style Icons: Kong Hyo Jin, Dynamic Duo, Shin Dong Yeop, SISTAR, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Seo Jin, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Woo Sung, G-Dragon and Tilda Swinton
Style Icon of the Year: G-Dragon

Resource: mwave

I knew he will win! Because he's GD guysss .. Hahahaha XD legooooooo~~~~ yeah!

G-Dragon, the 2013 Style Icon of the Year,
took to the stage to perform his hits, Niliria and Crooked

Photo credit: CJ E&M



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