Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Overthinking T_T

Assalamualaikum .. Annyeonghaseyo yeorobeun!!! :)

I cant say anything .. and im also a bit hurry to take a rest
as much as i can.
I just can post this which is to share how i felt almost a month ..
Alhamdulillah i still alive ..
Because i was strong.
Fighting!!! X_X

Its challenge me .. Seriously, its challenge me as a young girl to manage
a huge business ..
Now i felt what was my father felt for almost 6 years
handle this things with many stupid people in the world.

I'm not weak .. Seriously i felt someone didn't respect me as
supposed they have to. Cause what they think is they is known
a lot than me without noticing that they such a bullshit.

I'm quite doesn't meant i'm mad. Act like that bcause im THINKING.
When you said "I TRY MY BEST' and then u messed up everything again ..
that's not you're BEST, that's Bullshit.

Blaa blaa blaaa its not worth, if we didn't change what it supposed to do.
See you then .. :)


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    1. same goes to meeeeee T_T ... I ave a lot looooottt story to share .. uurrrgghh x_x what a life ..