Annyeonghaseyo Yeorobeun! ~~

Yeorobeun ~~ Annyeong!

Spot him!! Spot him!!!!!!!!
Awwwwwwww oppa neomu gwiyoptaaaaaaaaa ^^
or he just listening to the song he just made??????

Aigooooo, Oppa daebak!!

Stop of all this and back to me, myself ..

Hyeeee!!!!!!!! How ur guys doinnn??????
Well yah! I'm super duper in a good mood, not in a couple hours ago.
Yes! I'm starting to miss that Senget a lot.
I don't wanna him to know my feelings for him..
Becoz, i don't wanna be deymmm awkward in front of him.
Hide ur feelings sayang if u still can hide. In shaa Allah, the feelings
will gone day by day ..
Even if it will hurt u more ..
Just be strong oraits!
Aja aja fighting!!!!

Why so serious?? Get Your Cray'On!!

Gila2 .. that's me!
I am always being gila2 if im in a gooooood moooodddd ..
Someone who ever close to me know who am i ..
The Senget! hahahahaha XD

and ...
this is my reaction if i really interested with ur story ..
do you know waee???
Becoz, i was imagine you are my Senget aka Mr.Babyface ..
Hahhahahahahhaha .. sorry if im not into ur story for sure. LOL XD

That's all for today!
Annyeonghigaseyoo Yeorobeun!!! ~~


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