For My Girl ..

Assalamualaikum ... Annyeonghaseyo yeorobeun ~ ~ ~ :)
Wassup guys!
First of all, i wanna say Happy Birthday yg ke-22 Tahun 9 Bulan for Me!!
Hahahahahahahahaha XD lol! *agak sakai sedikit disitu yaa, arap maap.
hahahahaha xp

Ok guys! How's ur day?? How's ur weekend ..???
Alaaaaa ... mesti daebak kan ??
Me ..???
As usual .. working. Fullstop.
Hurmmm, bukan mok mngeluh, tapi that's my life. Work, work, work. Belum ada kesempatan mok merehatkan diri.

But, last night my chingu came to KK, so yupp we're having fun .. talking, chatting, gossiping, discussing any topics we want to talk, since we didn't meet each other for almost a year. OMGGGGG .. that's was a looonngg loonngg time to catch up bestie .. aigooo

Even sekejap jak, at least kita jumpa kan. Sempat mok ceta2. Last night, I was sleeping with her in a Budget Hotel around KK. After we check in, we went for dinner and go back to my house to take some of my cloth. Actually, she from Keningau .. she came here to attended Program of Beauty Product. I don't know much about that Beauty Product but i do heard them from others here.

We discussing about her relationship, her workplace.. and i feel a bit sad. I don't know what I am supposed to do to cheer her up again like the old chingu I've ever known ... This is so pathetic guys. Life actually is a wonderful thing we've ever had. We can't let others or something terrible ruin our day. You know what i mean ..

That's life, Allah gave us a test to complete our life. No matter the test give us advantages in the future or give us a lesson to we learn and improve our behavior. If we live without any problem, we're not complete 100%, i tell u.

So u guys out there, be grateful. Appreciate everything around you .. Allah Taala has the best for you. Be strong, don't let stupid people ruin your day .. Keep calm and aja aja hwaiting!!!! b^^d

Chingu yaaa ... Do what makes you happy, your parents happy. That's all ..

Aja aja hwaitng! chingu yaaa .. bogoshipeo sso :)

Annyeong ~ ~ ~ ~


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