Friday, August 15, 2014


Annyeong ~~~~~

MNet KCon 2014 which was held in Los Angeles this past weekend, may have been the biggest K-pop event of the year thus far. GD oppa was the one of them yg perform dekat sana. But I still haven't got time to watch full concert, as usual kalo ada oppa kena tengok part dya dulu sebab part dya jak penting. Hahahahahaha!!

Baru kemarin diorang post part GD oppa dekat laman sosial dya. As I know, they said he perform at the last of the program. I knew it! YG artist mesti akan perform at the last of any concert. Because of what ..??????? Because they was really great! dan sangat awesome untuk perform sebagai penutup concert tersebut. Their song, the way their entertain their fans all over the world and of course of their charismatic bila diorang menyanyi.

Ok! Stop carut mencarut ini .. lets watch GD's performance !!! a goo ~~ gooo ~~~ gooooo!!~~
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He's awesome kan!!!
I told you baaa .. enjoy jak bila nyanyi.
He's doing his job to entertain his VIP.
and .. he's done with a great closing.
I Love Him More!!!!!!!

Good Job oppa!
That was great performance. :)

p/s: Here his Twitter & Instagram :) Let's Follow him yeorobeun ..

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