Assalamualaikum w.b.t ..
Annyeong :)
Salam syawal yeorobeun ...

Lama kita silence then muncul balik pastu silence balik. I'm so sorry kot2 kalo ada laa yg keep waiting for my next entry. So here is it! .. Hello guys! Hahahahaha :)

Due to my hectic and busy life, I didn't got time to share story of my life these days. I miss writing and blogging about stuff, so much to update and write about. Last entry was 6 days ago.. I wrote it in hurry that time. So I don't fully express my feelings and hahaha! I don't know what I'm blabbering there. You can read my last entry here .

Yeorobeun .. (before raya)
One week before Raya, I was busy baked some cookies. As usual la kan .. at least I got time to make it. Yup, my aunt ada laa buy some cookies just for adding the less of type of biscuit we had. After got back from work, I started my mission to baked all type of cookies I've had listed before it. Hahahahaha!! Just 5 types of it jak laa ..

Reached home around 11pm, and start baking 12am till morning .. Then when the sun start to rise baru dapat tido. This is what we called 'passion' .. hahahaha! When we do something we like, we'll never give any excuse for not to do it. I love baking .. before this I bake cake. Bole laaa .. bole diperbaiki. Hahahahaah! xp

That was last year i think .. yup, last year. Hahahaha!! So I thought I wanna bake some cake again. Yes!! I really want to do it next time! in sha Allah ..

Yeorobeun .. (after raya)
We closed our restaurant a week due to celebrate Hari Raya. It was fun tho cause we had time to gathering with family and all my relatives. This is what I called happiness when I'm still haven't found my partner yet. Hahahahaha! Of course laaa .. Family is everything.

But then a week after raya, we open as usual and yup Alhamdulillah ... non stop order for catering. Yesterday jak, we cater for wedding function. Alhamdulillah everythings going well. End of this month pun got wedding function for thousand pax. Alhamdulillah ..
This is what we called 'rezeki' .. Allah Taala maha pemurah. Just ask and keep praying for what you asking for .. In sha Allah, God willing.

Guys ...
I haven't found my real partner yet. Aigooo, I kept fall in love with someone that I'm not supposed to. Yes, I do had a lot of crush on my mind. But I don't know which one is the real one. Hahahahaha! *sukalateww

Back then, I still searching for something worth to do it. But I don't know what is it. A lot of words stuck on my mind since these days. A lot of questions still got no answer yet. Allah Taala Maha Mengetahui.. I do submit all my questions to Allah and Let Allah Taala answer me. In sha Allah :)

chingu ..
I got a lot of things to share the causing lack of understanding each other in a relationship, when it comes to lose-win or win-win .. I'm not a super advising people, but I help as much as I can. Honestly, that was not a good ending in the end. But pretty sure Allah has the best for you. *I story later

I gotta go .. so much more to share. In sha Allah..

Yeorobeun, Annyeong ~~~ ^_^


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