1127 - Happy Virus Day!!


It's been 3 days already he turned 23 y/o (in korean age)..
He was born on 27 November 1992.
Picture above upload by himself on instagram and he said, he didnt think that he
would get a surprised cake that time. In that picture,
he's hair even dry yet and there's
a towel around his neck because he just had a showered. He's so grateful.
Yeorobeun, Annyeoooonnggg!!!!!!!
waaahh!! It's been a while aaaa .
How you guys doin' ..??? Gooooooddd...????
Daebak! b^^d

Even dah lambat 3 days untuk buat Birthday entri ne, Aku tetap mau post jugak. Since dah
lama gilaa ndak update new stroy kan, so here i am!
It was actually a precious moment for me bila ma bae turn 23 y/o 3 days ago. Kita dah sama umur laaaaa .. walaupun kalo ikut kalendar biasa ne you actually still 22 y/o. But then in korean age
the number kena up skit. Hahahahaha!! Lol :)

He even trending dekat twitter. #HappyChanyeolDay <3 <3 #1127

A while after that, He updated a message to EXO-Ls ..

" Hi everyone!! I’m CHANYEOL,
The “voice” of EXO!!
At last, my 23rd birthday I’ve been waiting for has come!! Yea~~~~!!!!!
I feel that time flies so quickly as it’s already my birthday…
This is the third birthday I’m having after EXO’s debut, and I would say the first, second, and third birthday all feels different…
Although I can’t spend my birthday you this time, you know my heart is with all of you, right?! Haha!
Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday, and I’ll always work hard to give better performances in all areas.
Everyone, watch out for the cold~~♥♥} .. "

1127 Chanyeol ig update, "before my birthday ends, ppyong!!"

Park Hyun Woo ig update, he was at Chanyeollie's Birthday Party.

2 days after he turned 23y/o, he's gain a 3 Million followers on instagram.
Chukkahaeyoo dongsaeng aa~~!!!! #Happy3m
<3 <3 <3 <3

There's a lot of reason why do I pick him as my bias after I was upset
when GD dating Kiko. Hahahahah!! whatever it is, i'm still vip. I Love GD because of his music.
Untuk entri kali ne, I dont wanna mix it up with my story telling pasal Chanyeolli. Enough just for his birthday entries.

Dongsaeng aa ~~~
You brought a smile to my tears, a happiness to my loneliness.
Wish you All The Best!!
Aja aja hwaiting!!!! Hwaiting!!!! <3 <3 <3

Saengil Chukkahamnidaaaa Channie!!!

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#Happinessdelight #ExoVitamin #ExoK #Rapper #Drummer #Pianist #Guitarist #Bassest #Chef
#DaraFan #Chanyeolturn23 #BirthdayBoy #Lotsoflove


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