Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Annyeong yeorobeun :)

How you guys doing ..??
Alhamdulillah, I'm doin' fine. *Hahahaha! teda pulak aku dtanya tu kan, tapi menjawap.
Daebak! b^^d

Alhamdulillah, cukup makan, cukup pakai, cukup segala2 nya. Tapi lumrah manusia, kemahuan yg di dahulukan daripada keperluan. *ifyouknowwhatimean

It's been a while yeorobeun. Aku bukan kurang minat b'blog ne, but then, I've been so busy lately .. as I said in my last last entries. There is a lot of story I wanna share, but when it's time to facing 'this', nahhh start laa suda my ilham lari lintang pukang. Hahahahaha!!! terus my brain jadi empty, don't know what I'm supposed to share.

Alhamdulillah, this time I keep my promise to share jugak even kapla suda manyak panat mau rest cepat2. Bila kesibukan kerja melanda, sampai u sendiri haven't got time to pamper yourself kan. I do having my time to relax, but then its just for a moment. Bukan untuk whole day, even a week. A lot of problems coming into ma head, and imma getting tired of it. Seriously, It does making me feel very bad and I'm bored to handle in my way.

I do felt that Allah Taala wanna show something for me and this is the way He tested me. Subhanallah, I should feel grateful for having this kind of situation rather than other people yang lagi rasa more burden than mine. Alhamdulillah .. I'm getting older by this. Because of this jugak, my mind kan become more functional baa.. ayooo what am I blabbering *ifyouknowwhatimean nahh, this is what we called burden.

As a young girl in this age 23 y/o, I've felt like my teenagers life is gone cause of focusing too much on work. I'm a girl yang bila kerja, I don't think anyone else .. yet again when it comes to passion. Tho, when it comes to loneliness, I do think of myself. What did I do in the past years. Is that I'm too early too focused on work. I do think of that, some people might not be lucky as I am at this age, whereby I had to manage my dad's business. I'm really thankful for that. There's a lot of people *imeanourcustomers always asking my age and they were surprised cause I'm still young, yet again they keep asking why I don't continue my study abroad somewhere, and I just said I already have my Diploma, and I don't wanna continue it. I'm sucks of theory or whatever it is. Hahahahaha!! I'm serious :)

Alhamdulillah .. because I'm still young, I just couldn't take this as a serious matter. Allah Taala always there for us no matter what happen. Sometimes, when I feel so lonely, all I wanna do is screaming out loud. There's a lot of anger I didn't spread it out and just keep it inside. I can't fight all people as I want, cause at some point, I still have respect for them. That's why I just follow the flow. In sha Allah .. Allah has the best for me. I just keep waiting and keep pray for it. In sha Allah ..

 Dongsaeng ajak release tensen eeyyyhhhh ... Hahahahaah!! Gwenchana dongsaeng aaa, I gotta go to work! Jal jja yooo ~~~ ^_^

Smile always, Less burden.
Aja aja hwaiting! ^_^


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