Happy 24th Birthday~~Chanyeol!!!

" Saengil Chukkahamnidaa~~ Saengil Chukkahamnidaaa~~
Saranghaneun Chanyeolliee~~~
Saengil Chukkahamnidaaaa~~~ 💕 💕 ... "

Happy 24th Birthday Chan!!!!!

Park Chan Yeol was born on 27 November 1992, so this year he
turned 24 years old (in korean age).
This is the 2nd entry for his birthday shout out. Last year ada jugak buat entri
pasal ne. So means its been a year since aku jadi fan dia. ^^
I love him so much. His character yg cute manja, kekadang manly, kekadang baboo noona
tu buat aku tetarik gila dengan dia. Thank God ..

 For this entry, I don't wanna make it long as i do, cuz its just shout out for my bae's birthday.
Stay Healthy, Stay gorgeous and Stay awesome bae~~ 💕 💕
He's kinda busy lately for upcoming chinese movie, his
tour group and sort of it, i just want to make sure that he take care of himself, don't bother
sasaeng fans too much. They are too obsessed with you till they didn't think about your safety.

Chanyeol aaa~~ jeongmal mani joahaee 💕 ~~
Gwidaryeoo~~~ !!!!


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